Oh being handled is nice

Oh being handled is nice


It is important to socialise your puppy to new experienced during the puppy development stage and this includes grooming, therefore here at Ali’s we offer a puppy package, as soon as your puppy if fully vaccinated and ready for its big new world why not bring them along..


Mum say's I'm ready for my puppy visit

Mum say’s I’m ready for my puppy visit

1st visit – Allow you puppy to explore the salon, sniff around and get used to the sights and sounds of the salon. Getting used to standing on the grooming table and if puppy is comfortable a lightly tidy around face and pads.

This visit will take around 30mins – this 1st visit is absolutely FREE

(Please note : only available for dogs aged up to six months, subject to availability, appointment required.)


2nd visit – Puppy will be bathed, with mild puppy shampoo, fluff dried and brushed out, face feet and bottom trimmed.

This visit will take approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours

LOOK at ME! My 1st groom

LOOK at ME! My 1st groom

3rd visit – Your puppy’s first full groom. (see services page for full details)

                                   This visit will take approx. 3 hours


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