What is Handstripping?

Hand-stripping is the proper grooming method for wire coated breeds such as terriers or silky coated gundogs such as spaniels and setters. It involves stripping out of unwanted hair by hand to give the dog shape and style. Clippers are NOT used.

Sometimes a particular dog will not have the correct coat type for breed (or if the coat has been previously clipped) e.g. a West Highland White Terrier may have a silky coat instead of a wire coat. Every dog will be assessed for grooming on the coat it has and not the coat it should have.

Reasons for handstripping

  • It retains the coat’s texture
  • It retains the coats colour
  • It gives a natural finish to the coat
  • It gives shape and style to the dog
  • It makes it easier for the owner to keep your dog free of mats

Sometimes however, handstripping may not be the best technique for your dog (or owner).

Reasons for NOT handstripping

  • The coat is the wrong texture (genetic or previously clipped)
  • The dog is neutered
  • The dog is not a suitable temperament (it is very time consuming)
  • The owner does not wish to commit to the extra grooming appointments necessary

The dog is old or has health issues (again due to length of time to ask dog to stand for grooming)